About our mission
En-Garage was established on 11/11/18 by Yulia Zabolotna and Vika Slutskaia - colleagues, friends, your Education Partners who now organize courses and workshops for everyone who wants to improve English, build up communication skills and exercise creativity.

- We believe in the power of lifelong learning.
- We know for sure that soft skills and English are a must and creativity is a new literacy.
- We believe that "knowing" is not enough and you only learn by doing.
- We help to learn more effectively by creating an environment where learning happens through doing and collaborating with others.

We also strongly believe that in the 21st century everyone needs an Education Partner. Not a teacher but a partner.

We do not teach, we help you learn.

Our mission as Education Partners:
  • to inspire you to take initiative and become a better learner;
  • to answer your questions;
  • to offer various practical tasks to build a skill;
  • to develop your communication skills through hands-on projects;
  • to give you a chance to cooperate with others;
  • to introduce you to insightful ideas through English content;
  • to learn something from you because each of us knows something others don't!

We founded En-Garage to be your Partner in your quest to develop soft skills (public speaking, creativity, critical thinking) and improve English along the way.

If you're more comfortable reading about us in Russian, you're welcome to also go over the interview about En-Garage project following the link:

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